Introduction of China Economic Trading Promotion Agency, Los Angeles Branch

The China Economic Trading Promotion Agency (CETPA) is a world-wide and comprehensive public organization headquartered in Beijing, China.  It is associated by Chinese businessmen and leaders from all various departments and industries. You can find the parent CETPA website at www.jjmy.org.

CETPALA is one of CETPA’s branches, which is designed to promote US-China trading and to enhance the business relationship between the US and China. These achievements will enhance the friendship and understanding among the Chinese and American people.

As a bridge to connect business entrepreneurs in Los Angeles to China, CETPALA’s  members enjoy many benefits.

  1. CETPALA provides a channel to its members to better understand the Chinese market and Chinese Culture.
  2. CETPALA builds a trading bridge to connect the US to China. It develops a co-beneficial cooperative relationship.
  3. CETPALA provides the latest investment opportunities from both China and the US, which helps its members make wise decisions on how to make profitable investments in these two countries.
  4. CETPALA will update current trading polices and regulations in China to its members.
  5. CETPALA helps develop an important network among its members in Los Angeles and China. It is a great platform for communication and cooperation among its members.
  6. CETPALA will hold several large seminars each year. These seminars are designed to update new investment opportunities to its members.

CETPALA is a fast growing business leadership association. With our best efforts and support from business circles in the US and China, CETPALA is becoming a unique leadership association with authority, proficiency and reliability. CETPALA will make continuous contributions to US-China trading.